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Three Types of Business Models for the Real Estate Industry.

  • Dependent – Traditional companies where financial gain is directed primarily to the brokers and the company

  • InterdependentKeller Williams – Associates have an interdependent relationship with the company and a mutual interest in success

  • 100% Companies – Associates assume ALL the financial, legal and management responsibilities.

INTERDEPENDENCEĀ -Together we achieve more !

The Keller Williams Business System is a proven model of how to run a profitable real estate business. Keller Williams was the first to introduce to the real estate industry the model of INTERDEPENDENCE.


Interdependence was born when Gary Keller asked a group of his agents a simple question: “How can we build a company that everyone will want to join, and no one will want to leave?”


An Interdependent Company Built by Agents, For Agents.

  1. Shares the Rewards through Profit Share and Growth Share

  2. Opens the Books

  3. Empowers Associates through an Associate Leadership Council

  4. Agrees to a Shared Mission, Vision, Values, Belief System and Perspective

An example of interdependence at work:

Nothing speaks louder than an actual example where people have demonstrated their commitment to the way they choose to do business and express their value!

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